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5 Simple Tips On How To Improve Customer Service In Healthcare

Govind Panicker on June 13, 2024 in Customer Relationship

Key Highlights

  • The significance of good customer service for healthcare is much higher than in other sectors.
  • You must utilize new technologies, optimize communication, and collect feedback to improve hospital customer service.
  • Onstro Helpdesk is a software platform that can optimize your hospital customer service efforts.

Healthcare is one of the most complex service-based industries. Therefore, the significance of good customer service for healthcare is much higher than in other sectors.

As per reports, 88% of customers believe that the experience that a business provides is as important as the service. That means no matter how excellent service you provide, if you fail in patient customer service, consequences are severe. So, how do you provide professional customer service in the healthcare sector? Let’s check it out.

5 Simple Tips To Improve Customer Service In Healthcare

While advanced technology and infrastructure serve well, it is not enough. Customers expect nothing less than excellent hospital customer service like any other sector. Check out how to improve customer service in the healthcare sector:

  1. Develop a Customer-friendly approach

    The first step to improving customer service in healthcare is to pick a client-friendly approach right from the top management. Understand your clients and adapt your activities in accordance with their needs. Make sure that everyone in your company works with the same goal: to prioritize customer comfort.

    Adoption of a customer-centric approach must start from the hiring process itself. Even though skills and experience have great value, do not neglect the importance of empathy in providing patient customer service while hiring new staff. Apart from that, train them with effective communicative skills to guide the customers gently.

  2. Improve the Check-in process

    As we all know, people hate to wait, especially in healthcare matters. As per stats, 30% of patients have backed out from an appointment with a doctor due to long waiting times. That means the check-in process is one of the most crucial areas to work out to improve hospital customer service.

    Try to get as much data as possible about the health condition of a visitor before fixing an appointment. This helps you to prioritize appointments based on the seriousness and reduce wait times for customers who need urgent care. Remember, the check-in process is the first point of contact between a customer and your healthcare institution. So, make sure you create a neat first impression.

  3. Utilize Advanced Technologies

    While the rise of demand for customer support for healthcare is a bit concerning, the good news is that you can make use of new technologies for the process. For instance, you can create an Electronic Health Record (EHR) to access all health information about a specific patient and give a personalized service to everyone.

    The real challenge is not finding the right software but picking the ones that work together to provide the best customer experience. So, always go for tools that provide more integration facilities.

  4. Optimize the communication channels

    No matter what sector you are in, effective communication is the key to success. Therefore, be available on all social media platforms and get ready to answer anytime to provide the best hospital customer service. Reach out to your customers through text messaging, WhatsApp, Phone, Emails, etc.

    However, managing all these communication channels is not as easy as you might think. That’s where the relevance of the prior point (advanced technologies) rises. Various software in the market can optimize all your channels and provide you with a single dashboard to control all your communications.

  5. Collect Feedback

    Feedback is one of the best ways to check whether you are on the right track in providing better patient customer service. So, send feedback forms to the patients after the check-out process. Ask about their experience in your healthcare institution and identify any key areas for improvement.

    Consider sending the feedback form as a link through text messages. Why? Because the response rate of SMS is as high as 98%. And, it’s even easier to handle and ask for a follow-up communication, as compared to other communication channels.

Why Customer Service is important to healthcare companies?

In the long run, only healthcare institutions that provide efficient patient customer service are expected to survive. Here are some reasons for that:

  • Patients who feel treated well are more likely to visit your hospital in case of other issues in the future.
  • Better customer service will boost the online reviews of your company. As per a survey, 43% of the participants indicated their readiness to choose a healthcare provider outside their insurance network if that provider had superior reviews compared to an in-network provider.
  • As mentioned earlier, healthcare is a complex sector; most people do not understand the jargon. So, healthcare companies are responsible for explaining the technical concepts clearly to the audience.
  • Happy patients are more likely to refer your healthcare facility to others.

Final Words

As you all know, excellent customer service is crucial in almost all industries, especially healthcare. However, with a massive influx of patients, most healthcare companies fail in it. You need to have a structured approach to avoid this.

Onstro Helpdesk is a software platform that can help you optimize your hospital customer service. It helps you to build a customized patient portal with in-depth information to guide patients. You can improve your service operations with clear workflow guides. Contact us now!

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