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A customizable Cloud workspace for modern businesses. Everything you need to manage, collaborate, and grow your business, faster!

One Business Platform to Do it All!

Resources | Bookings

Resource Scheduling and Management

Utilize resources productively and optimize time and costs with Onstro 365.

  • Maintain records of resources. Keep track of all resources, right from purchase until disposal, with location-based access.
  • Facilitate resource scheduling. Allow resource booking, schedule an event, and leverage smart displays to avoid booking conflicts.
  • Handle check-in and check-out. Simplify resource allocation by assigning them to the right tasks at the right time.
CRM | Campaigns

Customer Relationship Management

Build a scalable contact database with Onstro 365 and accelerate your sales with powerful tools.

  • Prospect with contact management. Store customer details, maintain records, and track activity, including linked tasks.
  • Convert sales with deal tracking. Manage data, navigate through the sales funnel, collaborate with the team, and view reports.
  • Run marketing campaigns. Direct marketing campaigns for every objective, send or schedule emails, and track results.
Projects | Tasks

Work Operations Management

Focus on what’s important for your business by automating routine workflows with Onstro 365.

  • Set project goals for progress. Track projects, prioritize tasks, collaborate using task boards, and meet deadlines.
  • Boost action with subtasks. Break tasks to set realistic goals, make data-driven decisions, and attain milestones.
  • Sync people and resources. Monitor activity, boost resource coordination, and prevent burnout or underutilization.
Work Operations Management
Helpdesk | Knowledgebase

Customer Support Management

Promote self-learning with Onstro 365 and ensure your business runs uninterrupted.

  • Access knowledge with a click. Cut training costs with an organized public and in-house information flow.
  • Approach customer requests. Go beyond the knowledge base to help your customers with real-time assistance.
  • Leverage a contact database. Maintain contact details and timeline activity to personalize customer experiences.

Why Onstro 365?

  • Automate your workflow processes
  • Manage people, assets, and resources
  • Replace outdated collaborative tools
  • Accomplish tasks and projects
  • Accelerate support response time
  • Grow your sales and revenue