Booking & scheduling software

A user-friendly and cost-effective platform designed to simplify resource scheduling and utilization.

Onstro Bookings Features

Manage multiple booking pages, enable contact and resource booking, and handle comprehensive event details. Make teamwork effortless.

Enable contacts and resource booking

Enable contacts and resource booking

Allow your team members to schedule meetups with contacts or book a resource for planned events.

  • Schedule meets or organize an event
  • Pool data to break info constraints
  • Check availability on a common booking page

Create dedicated booking pages

Create dedicated booking pages

Add multiple booking pages for departments, resources, products, services, and every business affair to simplify your booking process.

  • Collaborate with team on booking pages
  • Get a comprehensive view of booking details
  • Simplify booking management with exclusive pages

View real-time resource availability

View real-time resource availability

Avoid no-shows and booking conflicts by checking the availability of all contacts and resources added under a single bookings page.

  • Build a catalog of bookable resources to avoid inconvenience
  • Access contacts and resource availability simultaneously
  • Book resource time in advance with recurring events.


Simplify booking with in-built calendar

Access the calendar of every contact and resource added under a bookings page to schedule regular and recurring events.

  • Plan better with access to booking timeline
  • Facilitate contact and resource cooperation
  • Get extensive calendar view inside booking pages


Get notified to stay ahead

Access the calendar of every contact and resource added under a bookings page to schedule regular and Stay updated and notify your team with automated reminders to avoid event discrepancies.

  • Set event agenda to boost productivity
  • Inform team about scheduled events
  • Send automated event reminders

Onstro Bookings Benefits

Overcome information silos to boost business operations. Deploy an intelligent booking system that pools dispersed data and simplifies the booking process.

  • Prevent booking conflicts
  • Facilitate remote booking
  • Enhance resource collaboration
  • Improve team productivity
  • Make the most out of resources
  • Get insights into resource utilization
  • Simplify meeting and appointment scheduling
  • Enhance user experience
  • Organize operational events
  • Restrict bookings to authorized users
  • Restrict bookings to authorized users
  • Base decisions on data

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