Resource Management Software

A budget-friendly platform engineered to organize and track resources productively.

Onstro Resources Features

Maintain records of resources, assign assets to people, and check availability updates. Go beyond asset tracking to optimize resource collaboration.

Checkin checkout

Simplify Resource check-in and check-out

Allocate resources to your team to ensure your tasks, projects, and operations run uninterrupted.

  • Assign resources to your team
  • Check resource availability to break silos
  • Link Calendar to enable and view bookings

Maintain records and documents

Maintain records and documents

Upload important documents, notes, and records of your assets to assist your team when they need them.

  • Make informed decisions with notes and documents
  • Organize and classify resource types
  • Get insights into timeline activity

Use smart filters for quick access

Use smart filters for quick access

Upsize data operations smoothly and simplify access to any resource with types, locations, tags, and assigned status.

  • Filter results with intuitive search
  • View comprehensive asset info
  • Access images and track activity

Check related tasks

Check related tasks

Know tasks linked to the resource, its due date, assigned team members, and the status with a click of a button.

  • View all linked tasks
  • Utilize based on priority
  • Check other resources linked

Get location-based access

Get location-based access

Save and access assets by location to simplify resource tracking.

  • Group resources by location
  • Simplify resource site access
  • Enhance resource security tracking

Onstro Resources Benefits

Never allow resource constraints to affect your business operations. Boost your team’s productivity with a tool that complements your resources.


  • Perform resource capacity planning
  • Make informed purchase and disposal decisions
  • Speed up custom scalability
  • Prevent burnout of resources
  • Analyze resource conditions
  • Avert underutilization of resources
  • Facilitate asset and people coordination
  • Save time and costs
  • Stay updated on your resources
  • Enhance project planning
  • Allocate resources for the right use
  • Improve resource productivity

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