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Remote Project Management: 5 Most Common Challenges And Proven Solutions

Team Onstro on March 25, 2024 in Project Management

Key Highlights

  • The common remote project management challenges are poor communication, lack of motivation, and time zone differences.
  • You can set up software, a tracking system, and a reward mechanism to solve remote project management problems.
  • Onstro is a project management software that helps you effectively address remote project management challenges.

Remote employment is emerging as a popular choice among the workforce. As per a 2023 research report, almost 98% of employees want to work remotely at least some part of the time. However, the fact is that it may not be as sweet as many think. Often, there are many remote project management challenges to deal with.

Well, it is not as scary as you think. With proper knowledge and principles, you can address remote project management problems effectively. Keep reading to learn about the common challenges and how to solve project management problems in the modern workplace.

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Common Remote Project Management Challenges

Although every project comes with its own set of challenges, the problems faced in remote project management are quite distinct. That’s why they require more attention. Here are some of them:

  • Poor Communication

    In the case of remote work, you cannot walk in directly to the employee’s desk to ask for feedback or have a word with them regarding project matters. Instead, you have to continue waiting in inboxes, which could lead to communication delays in project management. Moreover, bugs in the communication software can affect team collaboration.

  • Low Motivation

    New remote employees often feel disconnected from work. The main reason is that they feel isolated from their colleagues. Moreover, they may not have sufficient space to express their opinions. Such attitudes will often have a negative impact on productivity and revenue.

  • Time Zone Differences

    Although remote work opens up the scope for international talent, one of the worst project manager challenges is time zone differences. It’s worth considering that while establishing a consistent schedule may seem like a positive step, it could potentially lead to decreased productivity.

  • Difficulty in Tracking the Performance

    It is difficult to keep an eye on whether the remote worker stays on track. Moreover, without efficient tracking, you cannot figure out who is overloaded with tasks and who needs more work.

5 Effective Solutions for Remote Project Management

It is clear that remote teams come up with their own problems. However, your ability to address such project manager challenges matters the most. So, how do you overcome obstacles in project management? Let’s check it out:

  1. Project Management Software

    A top-rated project management software like Onstro is the best answer to most of the challenges of a project. Onstro provides you with updated collaborative features like scheduling, file sharing, and so on to improve communication within the team. It sets out a unified platform to make sure that each team member is updated with recent project information and stays on track.

    Some remote project management tools even provide the opportunity to conduct team-building activities like quizzes and games. Consider conducting regular meetings through such platforms to ensure clear and frequent feedback loops.

  2. Reward Mechanism

    The best way to address the lack of motivation problem in project management is by introducing a proper reward mechanism. As per a recent study, the motivation of 70% of employees will increase if managers appreciate their efforts. You can set key metrics against which the performance of each employee will be analyzed and reward the top performers of the month.

    On top of that, try to have a positive attitude toward your employees. You can consider conducting monthly forums for open discussions and collecting feedback on the management policies. Remember that success thrives only in a positive workplace where every team member is free to express their ideas.

  3. Reasonable Time for Meetings

    An effective way to manage the time zone differences among employees is by setting up reasonable times for meetings. Consider the time zone of the remote employees and get in touch with them to choose a time slot that is most convenient for them.

    If you fail to find a perfect time for company meetings, it is a good option to rotate the time slot. In this way, you can reduce the inconvenience caused to some employees. Always keep in mind that meetings are crucial in remote project management, as they play a vital role in ensuring that every team member stays focused.

  4. Robust Tracking system

    Researchers state that employees are 3 times more productive when they receive daily feedback on their performances. However, when it comes to remote project management, the biggest challenge faced by managers is tracking individual performances. That’s where you require software like Onstro. Business software provides a larger view of the workflow and helps you identify who is overloaded with work. Similarly, you can keep an eye on individual performances through cutting-edge visualization features showing key metrics.

    Certain remote project management tools even allow you to set productivity alarms to remind you about any large fluctuations in individual outputs. Moreover, you can monitor the resource usage at each stage of the project to ensure that you can deliver within the fixed budget and resources.

  5. Provide Training and support

    How do you manage remote project teams effectively? Undoubtedly, technology plays an important role in that. So, the first thing to do is to ensure that the devices of the team members are compatible with the business software. Then, make sure that every team member has basic software knowledge to deal with remote project management tools. If not, you must provide intense training on how to use these tools effectively.

    Despite thorough training and access to resources, technical issues can still arise, and they could take a large toll on overall productivity. So, it is better to create contingency plans as to how the team must respond quickly to such situations. You can set alternative methods of communication and clear troubleshooting methods for common problems. Moreover, consider developing a dedicated IT support department to address such technological issues.

Final Words

Considering these project management challenges and solutions, it is almost evident that remote teams do not work with Excel sheets or whiteboards. Modern problems require modern solutions.

Onstro Projects is a project management software that can help you effectively address remote project management challenges. No matter what time and country your employees work from, Onstro provides you with a single dashboard to track them. The best part is that it provides you with the latest collaborative and time-tracking features to ensure that things never get messed up. Contact us now for an all-in-one software platform.

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