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7 Practical Tips To Improve Productivity In 2024

Team Onstro on December 1, 2023 in Business Management


  • 70% of businesses use technology to improve team productivity.
  • Boost communication, rework timings, and utilize technology to increase team productivity.
  • Coming up with an aggressive tactic would backfire on team productivity.

Improving team productivity is the hardest challenge that a business has to face in this new era characterized by cut-throat competition. However, businesses have come up with modern solutions to address this evolving problem.

As per a recent report, 70% of businesses spend on technological platforms. These businesses believe that investing in technology might raise group productivity from 20 to 30 percent. Moreover, this has led to the rise of many hot debates in social media circles to unravel the easy steps for an increase in productivity.

Even though there are countless number of ‘productivity hacks’ that sound too good to be true, none of them might practically work out. Remember that there’s no easy way to improve team productivity. It takes a lot of work- trial, test, and effort.

With that said, it is possible to make it happen. Here are 7 practical tips on how to increase productivity in a team.

7 Practical Ways to Improve Productivity

You must have already planned and prioritized your work for effective time management. But, how can you increase productivity in the team? Well, here are some tips on how to improve team efficiency:

  1. Rework timings

    If your company is packed with serious work time for more than 9 hours and still don’t see sufficient results, it’s time to rethink. A Harvard Business Review report states that giving overtime to employees just backfires team productivity. It states that productivity per hour declines sharply when a person works more than 50 hours a week. After 55 hours, productivity drops so much that putting in any more hours is pointless.

    Therefore, consider giving additional break times with fixed intervals for relaxation. Simply saying, having a 9-hour workday with one-hour breaks spread throughout is better than an 8-hour day with only a 15-minute break.

  2. Monitor your team’s progress

    Always, keep a close eye on the progress of projects and the overall contribution of team members to a project. You can track this simply by using business software like Onstro with a simple drag-and-drop interface. Similarly, set deadlines and targets to improve the analysis system. This leads to better accountability and increased team productivity.

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  3. Proper reward mechanism

    Are you worried about how to improve productivity in agile team? Well, a recent research report states that the team productivity of companies with proper recognition programs is likely to see a 14% rise in productivity than counterparts.

    When it comes to a workplace, recognition is quite crucial and it has the potential to act as a strong force for improving team productivity. While rewarding, it is important to focus on quality aspects rather than quantity. Or else, the team members might just focus on improving quantity without providing any value, and as a result, the entire reward mechanism might backfire.

  4. Improve communication

    The biggest challenge that a business leader may face while improving communication would be for remote employees. Meetings are an excellent way to bridge this gap and provide a better way for team members to get connected.

    The more the members talk about the work, the more the chance for improvement. Moreover, meetings pave the path for open communication to get diverse views to identify the current mistakes and correct them.

  5. Identify your team quality

    One of the most important steps to improve team productivity is to identify the weak and strong points of your team. You could consider speaking directly with employees to know what interests them. As you know more about the team, you can identify the key areas for improvement.

  6. Utilize technology

    Nowadays, the team productivity of a business largely depends upon the tools and technologies used. You can save a lot of work hours and costs with the usage of the right business software. A good place to start with is an all-in-one platform like Onstro. Through Onstro, you can have an overview of the projects and track the productivity of individual members.

  7. Set Goals

    Think about what exactly you want to achieve with the team. Do you want to increase the number of leads? Or, you might want to improve the quality of the leads. Learn to prioritize the objectives effectively. It is better to keep in mind that goals should be realistic figures and something that drives the efforts.

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The first thing that you need to understand before setting a plan to improve team productivity is that it’s a slow process. If you come up with aggressive tactics, it might just burn the team engagement and backfire productivity.

Onstro is an all-in-one technological platform that could help you increase team productivity. You can have a bird’s eye view of all the tasks and projects and allocate resources effectively. Yes, you heard that right!

Contact us now for a versatile software platform for your business to improve productivity.

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