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What types of business software are helpful for small businesses?

Team Onstro on December 4, 2023 in Business Management


  • Small businesses use 25 to 40 different types of business software on average.
  • There are various types of software for businesses that increase business performance.
  • Software in business provides many benefits including workflow automation and improved productivity

Small businesses mostly struggle to keep up with customer demands. This calls for a higher demand for software in business world. According to Stats, small firms typically use 25 to 50 SaaS solutions. This shows their dependence on such software platforms for different business functions.

However, it might not be a good idea to trust every software. For startups, extra costs for software in business can be a burden on limited profits. That’s why it’s important to be specific about what software is truly helpful for small businesses.

Keep on reading to know more about the types of business software that could be helpful for your business.

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7 types of software for businesses

There are various types of software that address different needs of businesses. So, it is better to identify the pain points of your business to choose the perfect software that fits your requirements. Have a look at the types of different types of business software that could meet your needs.

  1. CRM Software

    Customer Relationship Management(CRM) software is a business software designed to manage and improve the relationship with your customers. It has features like data analysis, lead management, and customer segmentation.

    CRM software helps you to track customer interactions and better understand customer needs. By understanding what your customer needs, you could take careful steps to fulfill their expectations.


    • By understanding what your customer needs, you could take an extra step to fulfill their expectations.
    • Helps to provide a fast response to customer inquiries and therefore, increases conversion rates.
    • Helps to build long-lasting relationships with customers.
  2. Marketing Automation Software

    Marketing automation software is a type of business software that helps marketers automate their workflows and activities. It helps businesses to save time and effort spent in marketing activities like email marketing, lead generation, and so on.


    • Helps in sending targeted promotional messages to potential leads for better conversion.
    • Helps the marketing team to make data-driven decisions by providing analytics on various platforms.
    • Reduces heavy manual work involved in marketing activities like mail marketing campaigns, performance monitoring, and so on.
  3. Communication Management

    Different types of business software are available to facilitate your team’s communication. These tools offer features like live video meetings, messaging, and sharing files. With communication management software, your team can interact unlimitedly, no matter where they are.


    • Helps to share large documents and project updates in real time.
    • Helps in work monitoring of employees, especially remote employees.
    • Classify into groups or channels so that employees can easily see what they need.
  4. Inventory Management Software

    Inventory management software is a tool that helps businesses keep track of their products and supplies. It simplifies tasks and reduces manual work involved in activities like tracking stock levels, managing orders, and reducing errors.


    • Helps to easily track and manage inventory levels.
    • Minimize mistakes in stock counts and orders.
    • Helps to save money by avoiding overstock or stockouts.
  5. ERP Software

    Investing in ERP software for small businesses could be a great way to have a quick overview of the financial and market position of your company. It helps businesses to bring together various business activities under a single integrated application. This facilitates better control over workflow.


    • Automates the huge work in data entry and reporting.
    • Facilitates data analysis to make data-driven decisions.
    • Helps to reduce operational costs by integrating workflows.
  6. Human Resources Management Software(HRMS)

    HRMS is a type of business software that helps you to manage employees. It acts as a platform to store employee details and manage their payroll, employee records, performance reviews, and so on.


    • Ensures compliance with statutory laws and regulations.
    • Increases your control over human resources.
    • Automation of routine tasks related to employee management.
  7. Project Management Software

    Project Management Software can be a useful tool for small businesses in a growth stage. It helps ensure projects stay within budget, tracks progress, and allows for easy team collaboration.


    • Enables the team lead to divide the work between members.
    • Allows the team leader to track the progress of a project.
    • Helps to gain project insights through visual reports and dashboards.

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Even small businesses at the grassroots level are now joining the trend of using business software. They understand the importance of having software in business to simplify their tasks.

Onstro stands as a popular choice for small businesses looking forward to setting foot in the technological arena. It is an all-in-one platform to manage all your needs and simplify the way you manage your business.

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