Frequently Asked Questions

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Onstro is a cloud-based, all-in-one smart business technology platform. Its integrated functionality streamlines all your operational workflows and business processes. Onstro eliminates the need to install multiple complex applications to run your business.
This SaaS application facilitates CRM, resource tracking, booking and scheduling, task and project management, IoT device integration, helpdesks, and everything your business needs. Onstro provides market-ready and tailored modular set-ups to lead your business.

A smart business technology platform is a SaaS application that brings together all the tools and resources needed for business operations in a unified and collaborative environment. It capitalizes on the cost-effectiveness of SaaS applications and the flexibility of custom software development. This makes it omnipotent enterprise software, saving you time and cost that you would have otherwise invested in individual business software.

Onstro helps you align your assets and resources with your business goals and lets you complete your tasks and projects, resulting in optimum output. It automates your routine workflow, promotes effective cross-functional collaboration, boosts employee productivity, improves the customer experience, scales operations, and more.
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No. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are essentially, tools for integrating data and business processes into a unified platform. However, they have their own limitations and challenges, including compatibility issues, high implementation and maintenance costs, limited scalability, and integration complexity.
Onstro is more advanced than an ERP and offers plenty of functions to run your entire business. Besides, this automated and centralized application is simple, quick, adaptable, user-friendly, scalable, more secure, and comes at an economical price.

Yes. Importing your data and processes to Onstro is simple, quick, and seamless. You can easily migrate and integrate your data from existing applications to Onstro error-free and without much hassle.

You can create unlimited user accounts. However, the number of user accounts you can add depends on the pricing plans.

Investing in multiple business applications incurs a lot of time and heavy costs. The maintenance of each application adds to high overhead expenses. Besides, you face compatibility issues, complex data integration, and disorganized information and process challenges.
Onstro offers a single platform to scale your data, organize information, boost process coordination, and manage contacts, resources, and projects throughout the lifecycle. It's easy integration, low maintenance, and scalable capabilities solve the core problems of any business.

Yes, you can integrate your favorite apps into Onstro. However, Onstro is the ultimate tool that integrates everything you need to run your business.

Onstro offers all the key benefits of CRM, project management, resource management, bookings, and helpdesk. It helps you automate workflows, track resources, improve employee performance, improve team collaboration, and more. It ultimately helps you make better management decisions, achieve projects, save costs, boost the customer experience, and grow your sales and revenue.

Solitary enterprise software caters to individual departments or fields of business. On the other hand, Onstro is a single application that is customized to meet the requirements of every business operation. Apart from its multi-functionality, Onstro is cost-effective, scalable, and easily integrable.

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