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Onstro Resources

Organize and track resources productively with Resource Management Software.

Simplify resource check-in and check-out

Allocate resources to your team to ensure your tasks, projects, and operations run uninterrupted.

Maintain records and document

Upload important documents, notes, and records of your assets to assist your team when they need them.

Use smart filters for quick access

Upsize data operations smoothly and simplify access to any resource with types, locations, tags, and assigned status.

Access assigned tasks to resources

Know tasks linked to the resource, its due date, assigned team members, and the status with a click of a button.

Quick location-based access

Save and access assets by location to simplify resource tracking.

Link Calendar

Allow booking of the resources by linking the UPN of your preferred calendar.

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Onstro Bookings

Simplify resource scheduling and utilization with Booking and Scheduling Software.

Enable contacts and resource booking

Allow your team members to schedule meetups with contacts or book a resource for planned events.

Create dedicated booking pages

Add multiple booking pages for departments, resources, products, services, and every business affair to simplify your booking process.

View real-time resource availability

Avoid no-shows and booking conflicts by checking the availability of all contacts and resources added under a single bookings page.

Simplify booking with in-built calendar

Access the calendar of every contact and resource added under a bookings page to schedule regular and recurring events.

Get notified of upcoming events

Stay updated and notify your team with automated reminders to avoid event discrepancies.

Collaborate on bookings

Team up on bookings pages with collaborators and do more by working together.

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Onstro Sales

Boost sales and maintain profitable customer relations with Sales CRM software.

Leverage exclusive contact database

Get 360-degree insights into contact, team, and organization details and scale the data as your business grows.

Manage your leads

Convert your leads into deals by managing all of them in a single place and making informed decisions for every lead. 

Define a lead workflow

Make it easier for your team to collaborate or handle a lead by setting an effective workflow process.

Navigate through sales pipeline

Handle multiple pipelines and leverage strategies to convert opportunities to successful deal closures.

Tap more deals and opportunities

Manage all your prospective customers, communicate directly, and get extensive details to close the deal faster.

View contact activity and bookings

Track timeline activity, check booking availability, and utilize email communication and other collaborative tools.

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Onstro Marketing

Accelerate marketing initiatives and provide generate value with Campaign Marketing Software.

Lead your campaigns

Create your campaigns and get quick access to all the marketing campaigns you create.

Organize marketing campaigns

Improve the success rate of your campaigns by planning and organizing them.

Check campaign status

Keep a track on the status of your scheduled or sent campaigns to plan better.

Analyze with email tracking

Make better marketing decisions by tracking statistical data of the emails sent.

Leverage email composer

A great campaign generates great results, and our email composer makes it simpler.

Send or schedule campaigns

Plan the right time to send your email campaigns and boost maximum conversions.

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Onstro Projects

Manage projects efficiently and help teams work together better with Project Management Software.

Set tasks on priority

Help your team work better, manage time, and attend to important tasks by setting priority status to each task.

Collaborate with contacts and teams

Add manpower to your projects and assign tasks to the right contacts and teams to get the work done efficiently.

Define project workflow

Plan workflow your way for every project to help your team execute work efficiently and reach successful outcomes.

Capitalize on task board

Set a visual layout of workflow or processes, enhance collaboration and transparency, manage tasks, and track work in progress with a Kanban board.

Track teamwork activity

Check work progress with a timer, measure productivity, identify bottlenecks, allocate resources as needed, and revise tasks to meet project deadlines.

Notify to act timely

Keep your team updated with automated reminders and notifications on the task activity, actions to take, deadlines, and everything to get the work done on time and avoid risk of delay.

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Onstro Helpdesk

Deliver seamless customer experience with cost-effective Support Management Software.

Create SEO-friendly help articles

Utilize an integrated text editor to create rich interactive guides.

Build an online public library

Construct an online knowledge house to educate customers about products and services.

Guide teams with in-house info center

Build categories of handbook and workflow articles accessible to your employees.

Automate tasks for customer requests

Allow customers to raise requests and automate task assignments to resolve faster.

Link helpdesks and projects

Assign helpdesks to teams, link related projects, choose task types, and publish the helpdesks for selected user types.

Categorize helpdesks and articles

Create individual helpdesks and articles for every brand, product, service, and unit.