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5 Best Email List-Building Tools To Skyrocket Your Revenue

Govind Panicker on June 21, 2024 in Campaign Management

Key Highlights

  • List building in email marketing refers to the process of collecting email addresses from prospects.
  • Some of the best email list building tools are Onstro, HubSpot, OptiMonk, MailChimp, and Active Campaign.
  • Onstro Campaigns is an all-in-one marketing solution to streamline your email list building process.

An engaging email list is a goldmine for a business. As per stats, 77% of marketers have witnessed a surge in mail engagement since 2023. But most businesses struggle in the list building process.

Building a vast mail contact base is indeed the top priority of every company. However, most of them fail to manage this base. And that’s exactly where the need for email list-building tools arises. Check out the best email list builder tools for your business.

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What is list building in email marketing?

List building in email marketing refers to the process of collecting email addresses from prospects. It is crucial because the email marketing campaign’s success depends on the quality of prospects from list building. The higher the quality, more are the chances of conversion.

5 Best Email List-Building Tools to Boost Revenue

The reason why most businesses complain that mail marketing is ineffective is because they don’t use the right tools. That’s why we have curated a list of the top 5 email list builders. Let’s check it out.

  1. Onstro

    Onstro Campaigns is a marketing software that optimizes not just list building but the entire email marketing campaign. The best part about the software is its user-friendly interface that even beginners can get familiar with quickly.

    Onstro comes up with a wide range of features. You can send the campaign to multiple lists of contacts without any complications. It provides you with data-driven insights to boost your marketing campaign in the future. You can even plan the email marketing campaign in advance and schedule it for the best time.

  2. Active Campaign

    Active campaign is a marketing automation tool that helps you with email list building. It provides over 870 integrations and 70 tools to make the entire email marketing process much easier. That means, with Active Campaign, you need not rely much on other third-party apps to optimize mail marketing campaigns.

    You can create lists and segment customers based on their interests with the Active Campaign email list building tool. This way, you can plan more targeted and personalized marketing campaigns. Its email designer feature helps you to break your message effectively with blocks and prepare well-structured mail.

  3. Hubspot

    Hubspot is an all-in-one software that supports your sales, marketing, operations, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) process. It is widely regarded as one of the most trusted email list tools.

    Hubspot software helps you to create effective lead generation forms with a simple drag-and-drop interface. You can build landing pages with the software and integrate the form to attract high-quality leads. And the best part? You can do all these without the help of any web developer. That’s how the software is designed.

    Beyond list building, it gives you a hand in the lead nurturing process, too. You can keep an eye on the conversion status of your leads at any time.

  4. OptiMonk

    OptiMonk is yet another authentic option for those looking for a multi-functional email list building tool. With it, you can access over 300 mobile-optimized templates for various purposes.

    Like Hubspot, OptiMonk also lets you create attractive popups and landing pages for easy conversion. It even lets you store more information like gender, date of birth, address, etc., for better personalization. The software is well-known for its targeted approach. You can target prospects and create mail lists based on cart value, product, etc.

  5. MailChimp

    MailChimp is one of the leading email list-building tools. Just like its alternatives, it helps you to create landing pages, signup forms, etc., for lead generation.

    But what makes it stand out is its comprehensive set of features to optimize the entire mail marketing campaign. It provides creative tools like AI assistant and subject line helper to improve the content. You can do A/B testing with a selected list of prospects to choose the best variation. Therefore, it’s a perfect pocket-friendly mail marketing solution for small businesses.

Final Words

Many email list builder tools are available on the market, and choosing the right one can be tricky. Only some of them may cater to your requirements.

Check out Onstro Campaigns, a marketing solution to streamline your email list-building process. You can segment your campaigns with tags and send them to more than one contact list. Contact us now for comprehensive software.

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