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Drive Results: Choosing The Right Metric – Click-Rate Or Click-Through Rate?

Asha Sharma on July 2, 2024 in Campaign Management

Have you ever wondered why some of your emails get lost in the crowded inboxes while others grab attention? Are you figuring out how to create email campaigns that work? Well, the secret lies in understanding some key email marketing numbers, like click rate vs. click-through rate.

These two seem similar but play different roles in your email game. When you understand and use them together, you can make emails that shine and connect with your readers.

The cost per click in search advertising varies based on numerous factors. According to reports from SmartInsights, depending on the industry, marketers could pay as little as $2 or as much as $8-9 per click, especially in sectors like attorneys and legal services.

What is the Click Rate?

Click Rate in email marketing, often abbreviated as CR, is a metric used in digital marketing to measure the number of clicks on a specific link or ad, usually presented as a percentage. It tells you the proportion of people who clicked on your ad or link out of the total number of people who viewed it.

Imagine you have an ad displayed to 1000 people; out of those, 50 people clicked on it. Your Click Rate would be 5% (50 clicks ÷ 1000 views × 100).

What is the Click-Through Rate?

Click-through rate (CTR) indicates which proportion of the particular links are clicked by the number of all viewers on the given page, newsletter, ad, or whatever.

As per Google Ads Help, a high Click-Through Rate (CTR) signals that users perceive your ads and listings as valuable and fitting. Additionally, email CTR affects your keyword’s expected CTR, influencing your Ad Rank. It’s important to note that what constitutes a good CTR depends on your advertising content and your platforms.

For instance, if your email campaign was sent to 5000 subscribers and 250 of them clicked on the link within the email, your CTR would be 5% (250 clicks ÷ 5000 subscribers × 100).

What is the Difference Between CR and CTR?

Click rate is the percentage of customers who did the clicks. Click Rate has to do with the number of clicks compared to views on a certain link or ad. However, the email Click-Through Rate takes the number of clicks versus the whole subscriber or audience number into account.

CTR shares details about the coverage of a single ad or link in the context of the campaign, channel, or much more in a broader manner.

How to Choose Between CR and CTR

By now, you have learned the basics of CR and CTR. Let’s discuss how to choose the right tactic out of these two options for your marketing campaign.

  1. Calculate the Method

    Calculating Click Rate and Click-Through Rate is relatively straightforward.

    Here’s the formula for each:

    • Click Rate (CR):


    • Click-Through Rate (CTR):


    Simply plug in the numbers for clicks, views, and total audience, and you’ll have your CR and CTR percentages.

  2. Obtain the Outcome

    Once you have your click rate and click-through Rate from the calculations, you will have the percentages showing you how effective your marketing strategy is. You will be able to measure outcomes to know the level of engagement and, if necessary, rectify the strategies.

  3. Assess the Effectiveness

    Now comes the critical part: after measuring the campaign performance by the calculated metrics. Review your CR and CTR against the industry benchmarks and your previous results to discover whether you are covering the targeted metrics.

    When your Click Rate or Click-Through Rate is below the average, it is a sign to change your ad creatives, targeting, or messaging.

  4. Rectify Inaccurate Interpretations

    Besides, you must reflect and correct any wrong data/interpretation of your (CTR) and (CR). Remembering that these metrics are vital for discovering this is key, but they’re not the only factors of your success. Investing in conversion, bounce rates, and ROI to draw a comprehensive picture of your marketing effectiveness is important.


It is up to you to decide which metric should be chosen – the Click Rate or Click Through Rate – keeping your goals and audience dynamics in mind. You need to know the differences, accurately compute the metric, and interpret the result intelligently to crush your digital marketing approach as an expert!

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