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Email Marketing: How To Find The Right Frequency

Team Onstro on June 10, 2024 in Campaign Management

Do you find your marketing emails getting lost in the inbox? While sending individual messages is important, failing to respond leaves your audience wondering if you’ve disappeared. In 2020, the global email marketing market was worth 7.5 billion dollars. Researchers predict that the number of emails sent daily will increase to 17.9 billion by 2027, signifying substantial growth.

This raises the question: How many emails per day is too much for marketing?

Case studies reveal the challenge businesses face in determining the optimal email marketing frequency for their messages.

Undoubtedly, the topicality of the number of emails firms face and how often they send them is a challenge many businesses encounter. You aim for your subscribers to be interested in your email messages, though you do not want to give them an unnecessary overload.

Understanding Email Marketing Frequency

So, what is the recommended email frequency? Well, think about it this way: bombarding your subscribers with too many emails can annoy them and lead to unsubscribes, while sending too few might make them forget about your brand altogether. Striking the appropriate mix is essential for keeping your audience interested and your email list growing.

Finding a balance is the key to your audience’s engagement and email list expanding. Making sure that the readers are not bored with your email marketing and that the newsletter list is increasing constantly is what truly matters.

Why does email marketing frequency matter?

Coming up with email frequency to be sent is a must, and it is important to come up with one. It is essential not to play too much on your ads as you could be related to aggressive and annoying advertisements that oppositely turn prospective targets. The odds of unsubscribing cases of your audience are higher if you constantly send too many emails to them. Your readers may end their subscription even before they click on your emails if they are not intrigued by you.

How often should you send marketing emails?

Deciding on the best timing for sending marketing emails can be a challenge, whether it’s weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. The point is about your audience, your type of market, or the kind of content you will be sending. But fear not!

Email frequency best practices:

  1. Inform subscribers

    Transparency is key. Informing your subscribers about what they should expect when they sign up for your emails is a nice thing to do. Whether through weekly newsletters or monthly promotions, by outlining these engagements upfront, there comes an advantage of not facing any surprises later.

  2. Test regularly

    There’s no need to be scared, explore! Test different email frequencies and compare the outcomes to determine the best one for your target audience selection. Analyze the statistics, such as open rates, click-through rates, and the numbers of unsubscribers, to test the campaign’s efficiency.

  3. Maintain consistency

    Establishing consistency in your email schedule is key to nurturing relationships with your audience. Whether you send emails daily, weekly, or monthly, it’s important to stick to a regular schedule so your subscribers know when to expect your next email.

  4. Deliver value

    Nobody likes spam. Ensure your emails are in tune with your target audience by writing engaging and relevant content for them. Whether you offer how-to articles, the latest news on special offers, or releases of new products, always give your subscribers a valuable reason to want to click open your emails.

  5. Automate campaigns

    Automating email marketing campaigns saves time to an extent and also increases the effectiveness of the operation emails. By configuring drip campaigns, welcome series, and abandoned cart emails you can retain customers with minimum effort.


So there you have it! Understanding the value of email marketing frequency and following these best practices will help you conquer your email campaigns. Remember, it’s all about striking the appropriate balance and adding value to your subscribers.

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