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5 Simple Ways For Effective Creative Project Management

Team Onstro on February 19, 2024 in Project Management

Key Highlights

  • Creative project management refers to all the activities that help to plan and deliver creative works effectively.
  • You must set goals, ensure transparency, and use the best software for better creative project management.
  • Onstro is a creative agency project management software that helps you build a productive workflow.

Every project is challenging. But creative projects come with a new challenge- uniqueness. Unlike construction, IT, or any other project, traditional strategies might not work for creative project management.

Well, the worst part is that most project managers don’t even have enough time to dedicate to that. As per stats, almost 60% of project managers handle between two and five projects, 11% manage between six and ten, and 15% are in charge of over 10 projects. So, how do you create a project management strategy in such a limited time? Let’s check it out.

What is creative project management?

Creative project management refers to all those activities that help to plan and deliver creative works effectively. Designing, writing, and other advertising activities are commonly referred to as creative works.

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5 Tips for Effective Creative Project Management

It’s easy to measure success in a normal project – reaching a specific output or profit level. But how do you measure success in a creative project? Well, it could be tricky, especially when the clients are involved. That’s why you need a different strategy for project management for creatives. Here are some tips for that:

  1. Establish Clear Goals

    The first step in creative project planning is to set a clear goal. You must list what you expect from the project and its scope. Communicate the goal statement and project deadline to the team clearly. You must also ensure that the deadlines are realistic and are not choking creativity. Keep in mind that success in a creative project lies in your ability to balance client deadlines and creativity in a positive work atmosphere.

  2. Ensure Transparency

    Creativity lives in a place where people are free to express their ideas. Your primary duty in project management for creatives is to establish a positive work atmosphere where team members are encouraged to express their maximum. Why? Because creative projects depend on communication more than any sort of project. For instance, imagine a situation where a content writer doesn’t collaborate with designers effectively. Would it be possible to create even an effective social media post in such a scenario?

    You can create trust and collaboration among them by explaining the purpose behind each activity. Ask for their feedback at every stage of creative project management to make sure that they are on track.

  3. Keep a close eye

    The chances of a creative project moving off track are higher than for any other project. So, close monitoring is required in project management for creatives to ensure that everything is right.

    Organize regular meetings to keep everyone informed about the team’s progress, budget, and concerns. Take any corrective measures if needed. Then, arrange a meeting with the client to show them the work progress and note any changes. Make this as frequent as possible. You can avoid project changes to a certain extent by using this strategy. But let’s consider the worst scenario. How will you deal with project changes? Let’s check it out.

  4. Deal smoothly with Project Changes

    The biggest challenge in creative project management is scope change. Most clients tend to have different visions at each stage of the project. And, when that vision doesn’t match yours, the worst thing happens – the project changes.

    Maintain a cool attitude when such unexpected changes occur. Try to communicate the reasons for the scope change as clearly as possible to the team. Then, adopt a different set of strategies and practices for managing such changes.

  5. Use the Best Software

    Choose the best creative project management software to deal with the challenges. Apart from traditional project management software, look for one that helps you record project estimates and creative briefs. Since communication is crucial, it is better to select one with advanced collaborative features such as live conferences, file sharing, screen sharing, etc. Choose wisely, as proper software can make a huge difference in the outcome.

Final Words

Creative project planning is no longer an easy task with rough guesswork. Only the right software can help you stay focused on the track and see a bigger picture of the project. Conventional project management software will not be useful for that. So, what is the best project management software for small creative teams?

Onstro Projects is creative agency project management software that helps you build a productive workflow with a real-time task dashboard. It comes with advanced collaborative features, allowing you to assign work and tag a member to notify them of any changes. Contact us now for all-in-one software for your business.

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