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7 Expert Tips for Effective Project Coordination in 2024

Team Onstro on January 24, 2024 in Project Management

Key Highlights

  • 70% of projects fail to provide expected results, mainly due to poor project coordination skills.
  • You must assign the work clearly, monitor project costs, and track the work for better project coordination.
  • Onstro Projects is a project management software that helps you stay organized and meet project deadlines.

Did you know that 70% of projects fail to provide expected results? Surprisingly, the major reason for this does not occur at the initial phase but comes down at the operational stage. Yes, you heard that right! As per industry experts, project coordination is the main reason for the failure of projects. So, what is project coordination?

Project coordination is the art of allocating resources and collaborating so as to ensure that the objectives are met. However, it’s not as simple as said. In fact, it is the hardest point where even the most talented managers fail. That’s why we have come up with a blog to provide guidance on how do you effectively coordinate a project.

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7 Tips for Better Project Coordination

A project plan, often considered the backbone of success, is just a piece of paper without proper execution. And that’s exactly where your project coordination skills come in. But how can I improve my project coordinator skills? Well, here are some project coordination tips to follow:

  1. Time Management

    Time management is one of the best qualities for project coordination. Unfortunately, it is the most often neglected skill. As per statistics, workers miss out on deadlines for 26% of their work per week, on average. There could be many reasons, including work overload, for the deadline being missed. However, there is only one solution for this problem – prioritization.

    Once you have a lot of hectic projects on the table, it’s time for prioritization. Figure out what you expect from each project, and then prioritize them based on those expectations. If needed, consult the higher officials for better prioritization.

  2. Create a Communication Channel

    What makes you a good project coordinator? Communication skills. Yes, the core activity of project coordination is communication, and it does not end with work assignments. You must constantly get in touch with team members to ensure that everything works perfectly.

    Through these communications, try to grasp the skills and interests of each team member. This would be really helpful in assigning the work to the right person and estimating how much output you can expect from each of them.

  3. Assign the Tasks Clearly

    One of the main reasons for project failure is the confusion associated with work assignments. Every team member must be held accountable for their specific tasks. They must clearly know what the company expects from them.

    A project management software like Onstro could be really helpful for this. You can assign tasks to the member profile and notify them, eliminating the chances of any confusion. Moreover, you can overview the workload of each member before work assignments to ensure that none is overloaded or under-utilized.

  4. Focus on Organization

    An important function of project coordination is to stay organized. Every team member must feel engaged and be aware of the project, including the status, progress, and so on. You must share important project information with them as quickly as possible. Consider conducting daily meetings to share the project updates and progress.

    It is important to keep your project files and folders organized and up to date. Following a consistent naming convention and version control system might be a good idea for that.

  5. Track the Work Schedule

    Many project managers are under the notion that they just need to assign the work and the rest will roll out automatically. Well, this is one of the main reasons for project failure! You must always keep a check on individual work and deadlines to ensure that everything is under control.

    You can make use of the visual analytics of project management software for this purpose. It helps you track individual tasks easily and manage the deliverables.

  6. Build a reward mechanism

    As a project coordinator, you must always stay positive to motivate the team members. However, just a positive attitude might not be enough. You must let the team members know by what metric their performances will be measured. Then, consider encouraging the top performers of your team with rewards. This way, you can motivate them and improve their project coordination skills.

  7. Keep an eye on Project Costs

    One of the best project coordination skills is the ability to deliver projects within the planned time and budget. For that, you need to efficiently track the project budget at each stage and ensure that it does not cross the scale. You must communicate with team members about the project costs and keep them updated on any crucial changes that may affect the project budget.

Final Words

Project coordination is one of the most important factors for business success and, unfortunately, the toughest one. But the good news is that you need not rely just on human brains for the challenging task.

Onstro project management software gives you a hand in coordination. Onstro ensures clear communication with useful collaboration tools. It helps you analyze your efforts, stay organized, and deliver projects within the deadlines.

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