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Ultimate Guide To Healthcare Project Management In 2024

Team Onstro on March 27, 2024 in Project Management

Key Highlights

  • Around 73% of organizations with project management methods meet their goals.
  • You must set the goals, focus on data, train and develop the team for better healthcare project management.
  • Onstro Projects is a project management software that helps you manage all your projects on a single unified platform.

The global pandemic has left the health industry with a daunting challenge: handling more visitors than ever before. Only an efficient healthcare project management system can resolve this issue.

Stats show that 73% of organizations with project management methods meet their goals and that’s exactly why it is important for the healthcare industry. In fact, the importance of project management in healthcare is more crucial as it is a high-risk sector where mistakes are the least affordable. Read everything you need to know about healthcare project management in 2024.

What is project management in healthcare?

Healthcare project management is a systematic approach to the planning and execution of projects within the industry. It’s all about bringing shape and structure to the diverse activities in the healthcare field. The main aim of hospital project management is to improve the services given to the patient and save the overall costs of the projects.

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How does project management work in healthcare?

Project management is indeed a common term in business management. But, what role does it have in the healthcare sector? Well, with the rising influx of more patients than ever, the need for project management in healthcare is also increasing. Here is how it helps a medical institution:

  • With planning, hospitals can offer innovative treatment and better care for patients.
  • Project management helps control costs by allocating budgets and facilitating optimum usage of resources to eliminate any wastage.
  • It helps healthcare institutions work according to standards, data security laws, and other regulations.
  • Project management software for healthcare institutions revolutionizes industry norms by creating a better User Experience (UX).
  • Project management healthcare helps project managers to identify any risks and prepare contingency plans to cope with them.

Best Healthcare Project Management Methodologies

Keep in mind that the healthcare sector is totally different from businesses working with a profit motive. The project management methodologies used by corporate companies may not work for healthcare organizations. So, what is the best project management methodology for healthcare? Let’s check out some:

  1. Agile Project Management

    If you are grappling with the limitations of traditional project management strategies, agile project methodology is the right fit for you. It is known for its evolving and flexible approach. It starts with breaking down a project into smaller units called sprints. Then, the manager defines a sprint backlog for each unit mentioning what should be focused on each area.

    Such a strategy might work well in an industry like healthcare which is characterized by changing variables. Agile project management can help the team to cope with such changes.

  2. Waterfall Project Management

    Waterfall is a traditional project management methodology that follows a linear process flow. As per Waterfall, a new process cannot be started without finishing the prior one. Mostly, this methodology consists of five phases: requirements, design, implementation, testing, and delivery.

    The main criticism of waterfall is that it delays the project as the team needs to complete one stage to move to the next one. In case they are stuck at some point, they must figure it out to continue. Not sure whether any of these methodologies might work for you? That brings us to the next methodology.

  3. Hybrid Project Management

    Hybrid is a mix of agile and waterfall methodologies. It is a kind of approach that tries to absorb the positives of both methodologies and eliminate the drawbacks. It is a good choice for healthcare project managers who prefer flexibility.

5 Expert Tips on Effective Healthcare Project Management

Well, knowing what methodology to use might not be enough. You must know how to execute it. Let’s check it out:

  1. Figure out project goals

    The first step in healthcare project management just like any other is to set goals. You must list what you expect from the project. Try to set clear objectives with measurable values. Remember, only a well-planned goal can provide a roadmap for the project. It is better to get in touch with the stakeholders to align with their goals and expectations.

  2. Set up a Project Management Office (PMO)

    PMO is a common term related to project management in businesses. But, what is a PMO in healthcare? Let’s check it out.

    Well, a Project Management Office (PMO) is the central hub for managing all the activities related to the project. Through it, project managers can track individual performances and make sure that the team stays on track. Usually, the project management office consists of project managers, specialists, and senior officials.

  3. Train and Develop

    No matter what kind of project you deal with, human resources are the backbone of it. So, investing in human resources, whether it is training or reward, won’t be a waste. Consider conducting sessions with project management specialists to improve their insights and skills.

    Make sure they are updated with the latest technologies and tools. You can also motivate them through financial assistance to earn certificates from the Project Management Institute (PMI). Such kind of skill improvement will be beneficial in the long run.

  4. Focus on Data

    Modern problems require modern solutions. Only an efficient project management software for healthcare can address the latest challenges you face such as time management faults, poor communication, etc. It could help your project management journey from the first step of planning to monitoring.

    Project management software like Onstro helps you keep a proper record of data that can be easily analyzed. Through a thorough analysis, you can identify any key areas of improvement and make data-driven decisions to improve the team’s performance.

  5. Keep an eye on the project

    Always keep an eye on individual performances and project progress to ensure that the project gets completed within the specified time and budget. It is better to set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for better monitoring. With a proper evaluation mechanism, you can avoid mistakes and increase success in future projects.

Final Words

Let whatever be the problem – a long line of patients queue in the waiting room. Or a team of doctors who run late every day. Only a robust hospital project management system can save you from that and that’s where efficient software comes into play.

Onstro Projects is an all-in-one software that helps you to overview all your projects in a single unified platform. You can keep an eye on the task status, assignees, and due date. You can also notify them or tag them in the comments. Contact us now to get your all-in-one software platform.

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