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5 Best AI Email Writer Tools For Your Business

Govind Panicker on May 27, 2024 in Campaign Management

Key Highlights

  • Email AI writer tools provide a wide range of benefits from automation to optimization of your mail campaign.
  • Some of the best ai email writer tools are Jasper, Rytr, Simplified, Lavender, and Copy AI.
  • Onstro Campaigns is a marketing software that helps you optimize your email writing.

Emails are still one of the most effective marketing channels. As per stats, the Return On Investment (ROI) on mail is 29%, while the ROI on paid searches is 23%. That’s why the art of email writing is more important than ever before.

AI is changing every industry and mail marketing is not an exception. Marketers are hunting for the most suitable email writing tools to optimize their campaigns. Let’s introduce you to the best AI for writing emails.

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5 Best AI Email Writing Tools

Email AI writer tools provide a wide range of benefits, from automation to optimization of your mail campaign. However, the catch is that you must pick the right one. So, which AI is best for email writing? Well, here is a list of 5 prominent AI email writer tools:

  1. Jasper

    Price: starts from $39 per month (7-Day Free Trial available)

    Before the Chat GPT revolution, Jasper was regarded as one of the best AI for email writing. It relies on the GPT-4, the most advanced AI model. It supports various uses, from ad copy creation to blog generation, making it a top pick for every kind of user.

    When it comes to email communication, the tone of the message plays a crucial role. You can choose your preferred tone in Jasper AI to personalize it to the recipient. It even creates compelling subject lines that hook the reader to open the mail.

  2. Copy.AI

    Price: starts at $36 per month (Free Plan Available)

    As the name suggests, Copy AI is a top AI to write email copies. Like Jasper, Copy AI also supports adapting a specific tone to the mail. However, in Copy AI, you can choose from a list of 8 preset tones, unlike Jasper, where the tone of the mail is to be typed in with the prompt.

    Yet another highlighting aspect is that Copy AI is an email writer AI free. It provides a free plan with which you have 200 bonus credits. Apart from email generation, you can use it for various purposes like writing social media copies, articles, etc.

  3. Simplified

    Pricing: $11 per month (Free Plan available)

    Simplified is a versatile content creation platform that supports various tasks like graphic designing, video editing, content writing, etc. It also provides a free plan with which you can generate up to 2000 words.

    The most standout feature of Simplified is its easy-to-use nature. Even beginners can get used to the platform with a minimal learning curve, making it one of the simplest email writing software. The tool provides you with ready-made template solutions for almost everything. For more customization, you can simply give commands to the editor after typing ‘/’.

  4. Lavender

    Price: starts from $29 per month (Free plan available)

    All the above-mentioned tools support many forms of content writing, from ad copies to articles. Let’s move on to a dedicated email assistant AI- Lavender. Lavender, claiming to have a large database of cold emails, is a specialized AI to write emails and to help you optimize your email content strategy.

    Apart from other tools, Lavender provides more in-depth features, such as lead scraping and performance insights, which could be helpful for your email marketing campaign. It even grades your mail and provides tips to improve it. You can integrate it directly with Gmail or Outlook for a better experience.

  5. Rytr

    Rytr is an AI tool that helps you create effective mail easily within seconds. It is considered a more cost-effective option as the plans start at just $9 per month with a free plan forever.

    Even though it does not offer as many templates as its competitors like Jasper, it works well if you craft a pure promotional mail copy. It supports over 30 languages, including German, Chinese, Arabic, etc. Another plus point is that you can integrate it with Google Docs for faster writing.

Final Words

The choice of email AI writer depends upon your needs and industry. Even finding the perfect tool may not yield the best results. Yes, you heard that right! Crafting the perfect mail is not just enough nowadays with cut-throat competition. You need to set it to the best time and do a lot of things to optimize the email marketing campaign.

Onstro Campaigns is an all-in-one marketing software that helps you optimize your email campaign. You can schedule the campaign to the most effective timings and send it to multiple contact lists. Contact us now for all-in-one software.

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