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5 Proven Strategies For Email A/B Testing For Your Company

Govind Panicker on June 4, 2024 in Campaign Management

Key Highlights

  • As per stats, 59% of companies conduct email A/B testing for campaigns.
  • You must set the objectives, test a single variable, and use AI tools for better A/B testing.
  • Onstro Marketing is a powerful software that helps you optimize your email marketing strategy.

Choosing the most suitable email for your marketing campaign is quite challenging. Many companies consider Email A/B Testing to solve that dilemma.

As per stats, 59% of companies conduct email A/B testing before campaigns. Why? Because companies need to be sure they are spending on something that can bring in maximum conversions. Keep reading to know what is email A/B testing strategy and get some email testing ideas.

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What is Email A/B testing strategy?

Email A/B testing is the process of testing different versions of a mail to various sub-sects of the audience to determine which one is better. The best version is adopted and sent to the remaining prospects. It is also known as split testing.

5 Proven Strategies for Email A/B Testing

Nowadays, customers’ mailboxes are overloaded with promotional messages. So, customers are very picky when opening emails. Only the right message can trigger the right action. That’s why you need to have a robust A/B testing system. Check out some email A/B testing best practices:

  1. Set the Objectives

    Start by asking yourself: what is the aim of your A/B email testing? Is it to analyze the content quality? Or do you want to calculate the efficiency of the call-to-action?

    To do so, you must identify the problem with your current mail. For example, if your mail has a high open rate but low click-throughs, you must focus on the body of the mail. Try to make the content more persuasive and convincing.

    Similarly, choose the metric against which the efficiency of each mail variation will be checked. Keep a single metric for testing all the versions. Some Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of mail marketing are click-through rates, conversion, etc.

  2. Utilize large samples

    The effectiveness of email A/B testing mainly depends on the samples you choose. Larger samples tend to give more accurate results than smaller ones.

    For example, if you test the mail with just 20 samples, the open rate might be roughly 4-5. You must make a decision regarding the preferences of just these 5 customers.

    Consider using online calculator tools to find the sample size. Choose a sample size that shows at least 95% accuracy. Otherwise, all the efforts spent on A/B Email testing might be wasted.

  3. Test a Single variable at a time

    Probably, you may have many metrics to measure the efficiency of each mail. But just test one variable at a time. Why? Because if you keep on changing the goalposts, you may not know what triggered a particular version to perform low. As a result, your entire email A/B testing may end up in confusion. Remember, A/B testing is an ongoing process to refine your mail marketing strategies.

  4. Use AI Tools

    Think of this situation. You have 100 contacts. Out of this, you wish to take just 20% for email A/B testing, that is 20 people. That means you may have to come to conclusions with just 5 opens. Your A/B testing won’t go well, right?

    Modern problems require modern solutions. That’s where you need to rely on AI. Several AI tools are available on the web that analyze each aspect of a mail and give a grade. Some prominent names are MailXaminer, Julius AI, etc. You can even edit and optimize the mail with the help of AI tools.

  5. Take a Break

    As said earlier, email A/B testing is an ongoing process. That doesn’t mean you should do it constantly. There should be a reasonable time gap between two A/B tests.

    Many users open emails just once a week or bi-weekly. So, the exact results of mail testing may come up late compared to text messages. Once you get a standard open rate, take time to analyze the results and arrive at a conclusion. Then, send the better version to your audience and see if it works.

    Avoid conducting multiple tests at the same time as it may lead to confusion. Like the saying ‘too many cooks can spoil the broth,’ excessive testing may affect your mail marketing strategy.


Email marketing is a crucial marketing channel for every business. Companies with significant investments can’t afford to neglect email A/B testing. But why trust everything upon human brains when you can employ suitable software to give a hand?

Onstro Marketing is a powerful software that helps optimize your mail marketing campaigns. You can track important metrics to determine the efficiency of each mail variation. This way, you can make data-driven decisions to boost your conversion rates. Contact us now to know more.

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