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5 Reasons Why Email Tracking Is Important Than Ever Before

Team Onstro on April 19, 2024 in Campaign Management

Key Highlights

  • Email tracking is the process of analyzing whether the mail campaigns are successful or not.
  • You can identify customer preferences, lead quality, and increase ROI through email tracking.
  • Onstro is one of the best email-tracking software to help you improve your marketing initiatives.

Many worry email marketing is almost dead and businesses have stopped tracking email. Well, that’s one of the biggest myths roaming around social corners. So, is email tracking important?

As per stats, 77% of marketers have seen a rise in email engagement over the last year. So, email marketing is not going anywhere. You must understand email tracking is more important than ever before. Why? Because only data like clicks, impressions, etc., can indicate whether your campaigns are on the right track and how you can improve. So, let’s check out why email marketing is important.

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What is email tracking?

In simple words, email tracking is the process of analyzing whether the mail campaigns are successful or not. It checks how many recipients have opened the mail and clicked on the call-to-action. This way, you can verify the effectiveness of your mail marketing strategies.

5 Reasons Why Email Tracking is Required for Your Business

You might be wondering why is email important in business, even when social media ads are everywhere. Well, the answer to that lies in the data it derives. Here are some reasons for tracking email campaigns:

  1. Identify Customer Preferences

    The main benefit of email tracking is that you can understand your customers’ behavior and preferences. When it comes to sending emails to customers, the main goal is usually to engage with them, isn’t it? For that, you need nothing less than compelling content.

    Effective email tracking lets you know which emails are ignored and opened. Campaign analytics provide valuable insights to improve your mail content. This way, you can tailor your content strategy in accordance with customer interests.

  2. Determine Lead Quality

    Time is precious; no business wants to waste it on low-quality clients. The secret to sales success is prompt contact with hot leads and converting them as quickly as possible without giving them time to consider other competitors. The question is how can you determine lead quality through email tracking?

    Well, analytics from email tracking free software let you know how many times a particular client or lead has viewed the mail and whether they clicked the call-to-action button or not. Obviously, a user who clicks on the mail 5 times will be more interested than the one who has not yet opened the mail. By monitoring such analytics, you will first understand what leads you should focus on.

  3. Reduce Time Wastage

    As we know, mail marketing campaigns require immense effort and time. It would be heartbreaking to see all such efforts directed at uninterested subscribers. That’s why it is required to identify the inactive subscribers and filter them out of the mailing list.

    Email tracking helps you identify who opens your emails regularly and who doesn’t. You can note down subscribers who are not even opening the mail mainly, say 5 times. This way, you can skip emailing them and save valuable resources.

  4. Start Data-driven campaigns

    Marketing teams usually spend a lot of money acquiring data. But what if such data was available at the fingertip without much extra cost? Email tracking provides you with tons of data about customer insights which would be helpful for your future marketing campaigns. Through this valuable data, you can understand what type of content is likely to push engagements and can try out that strategy for better results.

  5. Increase ROI

    When you invest in marketing, you expect something, isn’t it? It could be leads, walk-ins, or sign-ups. Tracking emails provides you with valuable data to make some improvements to your content strategy. You will get better results, resulting in more conversions and sales. Therefore, you can increase your Return on Investment (ROI) by investing in email tracking software.

Final Words

Email tracking is a versatile activity covering many metrics like impressions, clicks, replies, etc. The more data you have, the better your email tracking will be. And that’s where trusted business software like Onstro can help you.

Onstro Marketing is one of the best email-tracking software to help you improve your marketing initiatives and attain better results. You can analyze the success of each mail campaign by tracking the results. You can even customize the mail and add your preferred CTA. Contact us today!

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