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7 Best Holiday Marketing Tips For Your Business

Team Onstro on April 30, 2024 in Campaign Management

Key Highlights

  • Holiday marketing is recognized as one of the most effective marketing methods ever.
  • Some holiday marketing tips to improve sales include offering freebies and setting a referral program.
  • Onstro Campaigns is a mail marketing software that can help you optimize your festive season marketing campaigns.

Do you know what’s the common link between marketers and kids? Both of them love holidays. But for marketers, holidays are not meant for rest, rather a goldmine for them to push forward sales.

Holiday marketing is widely recognized as one of the most effective marketing methods ever. According to stats, holiday retail sales in the US reached a tremendous figure of $929.5 million in 2022. Considering its importance, let’s check out some holiday marketing ideas.

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7 Best Holiday Marketing Tips

Each holiday season brings in a promising opportunity to capture new customers. You might be thinking of how you can increase holiday sales. Well, here are some holiday marketing tips:

  1. Push the campaign early

    A big mistake even giant companies make is procrastination in holiday marketing strategy. Staying behind the time only gives your competitors more time to plan. If you target the Christmas festival, try to roll out the campaigns before December. Remember the story of the turtle and rabbit.

    Even though most customers wait until the last minute to purchase gifts, many purchase them early to avoid a rush. You must target this type of audience at the campaign’s first stage.

  2. Ensure the best customer experience

    Customer experience is valuable, but its importance doubles in festive season marketing. However, most companies do not understand this. Many companies spend tons of money on ads to bring in customers. But when they visit the website, it crashes down!

    So, first of all, expect the arrival of many customers and make all the arrangements. You can upgrade the website. If running a physical store, consider hiring more staff to handle customers.

  3. Offer freebies

    Keep in mind that almost all of your competitors run holiday marketing campaigns. So, you must offer something special to attract more customers. For that, offer something that your target audience values for free. Consider providing free shipping to all your customers during the festive season.

    Giving free shipping is not enough. To make the most of it, you need to market it effectively in your holiday marketing strategies. Highlight free shipping in all your mail and text messages.

  4. Suggest Gifts

    You first need to understand your target audience to sell them your products. Most of your potential customers are not buying for themselves in the festive seasons. They are hunting for gifts. Try to help them with it.

    Anyone can create AI tools with basic features nowadays. Consider creating one to provide personalized gift suggestions. Create it so that the customer just needs to enter the age category and personality of the recipient. Remember to showcase your AI gift suggestion in holiday marketing ad copies.

  5. Switch to Video Marketing

    Videos are currently the hottest marketing trend in 2024. So, make the most of them in your festive season marketing. Try to feature your products and attractive offers in the videos. If possible, bring in an influencer to do the video for maximum reach. It’s not just about festival sales. Videos create authenticity for your brand.

  6. Set a referral program

    Still, Word-of-Mouth is the best marketing tactic for bringing in sales. That’s why referral programs have worked wonders for many brands, especially during the festive season. So, why miss?

    A referral program in holiday marketing strategy can bring in the relatives, family, and neighbors of your ad or message viewer. That means you have four or five customers at the expense of just one. All you need to do is offer an attractive incentive for referrals.

  7. Try mail marketing

    There is often a misconception that mail marketing is outdated. Most retailers use mail marketing to reach their target audience during festivals. That means by staying on top of mail marketing, you can dominate the holiday marketing arena.

    Try using clickbait subject lines and catchy images to grab customers’ attention. While preparing the list for the mail campaign, do not forget to include the list of old customers for retargeting.

Final Words

Like the saying ‘make hay while the sun shines,’ the festive season is a golden opportunity for businesses to make sales. So, make the most of it.

Onstro Campaigns is a mail marketing software that can help you optimize your festive season marketing campaigns. It allows you to schedule campaigns for the right time, increasing the conversion rate by planning ahead. Contact us now.

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