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Why should your business use the best IBP software?

Team Onstro on December 4, 2023 in Business Management


  • Shifting from traditional to integrated business planning software addresses operational challenges.
  • The IBP software market is said to reach US$13,871.4 million by 2027.
  • With Onstro, you can automate predictive analytics, marketing, and sales processes.

The challenges of disconnected planning processes have become evident in business operations. You need to recognize these challenges, like poor communication and outdated tools, and adapt an integrated business planning software. It allows businesses like yours to seek a cooperative approach to strategic planning.

Today, integrated business planning replaces traditional business planning. The reports say the business planning software market will reach US $13,7871.4 thousand by 2027. Read to learn what is IBP software and how it can help your business.

What is IBP software?

Integrated Business Planning (IBP) software is a management tool that facilitates the process of integrated business planning within a business. It connects different business functions and aligns them with the business’s financial performance.

You can develop core analytics, better visibility, and advanced execution capabilities with IBP software. Also, you can achieve coordination among different departments with it. Further, you can control the costs and services delivered with IBP software.

An IBP process is essential because of all the functional and technical silos. So, you can make your decision-making process easy with the IBP software. Let’s help you align the whole process, resulting in an excellent business strategy.

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How to improve your integrated business planning processes?

You can optimize various aspects of your business planning by improving your IBP process. Below are some ways you should include them in your IBP process.

  1. Ensure data integration and accuracy

    Get business planning software to keep your data accurate and updated in all departments. When your data is correct everywhere, it helps everything run without mistakes. So, with this software, you can organize your business and work without any delay.

  2. Promote cross-functional collaboration

    Encourage everyone in your team to work together. This means people from different areas, like sales, marketing, and operations, all work as a team. When everyone works together, it promotes collaboration.

    This teamwork helps share good ideas and make sure everyone knows what’s happening. By doing so, your team becomes a strong group that can tackle any challenge together.

  3. Invest in employee training

    Train your employees on the importance of IBP and how their roles contribute to the process. Make sure that your employees have the right skills to use planning tools. Also, they understand the broader business context.

    This will help them become the best and have the talent to surpass your competitors.

  4. Have access to insightful analytics

    You can convert the “what-if” scenarios into actionable steps if you can access real-time analytics. You can also deal with core business planning with proper, insightful decisions. This way, you will be more proactive and stay ahead of the market.

    You can improve your decision-making process by accessing real-time analytics. This allows you to respond quickly to current circumstances. It shapes and influences the future direction of your business.

  5. Introduce powerful technology

    To make sure your IBP process works well, you need strong technology support. Since IBP includes different departments, you should have powerful and flexible technology.

    Good technology helps you put together data from different parts of your business. It’s like having a central hub where everyone can work together on the IBP plan.

How does an integrated business app enhance planning?

You can improve your planning and work processes with an integrated business application. To let you know, around 495,000 companies use such business intelligence tools for these purposes. Also, the value of integrated business planning software to a business is undeniable.

  • You can gather your data from various departments into a main database with this application. It allows you to organize more accurate, precise, and up-to-date information within a short period.
  • Integrated software like Onstro also automates and streamlines your workflows. This means you can perform routine tasks in an easy way. You can focus on higher-value activities to invest in strategic decision-making.
  • In the IBP process, you can optimize resource allocation by providing visibility into resource usage across different areas with this application.

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Wrapping Up

Now that you know how IBP software provides solutions, you can use Onstro to automate your business processes. This all-in-one business app helps with predictive analytics, marketing, sales, and everything your business handles.

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