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CRM VS Excel: Which One To Choose And 5 Strong Reasons Why?

Team Onstro on February 2, 2024 in Customer Relationship

Key Highlights

  • 74% of people admit that they have better access to customer data by using CRM software for business.
  • A major reason why is a CRM better than Excel is better data management and security.
  • Even though Excel is a good start, you need a proper CRM for small businesses in the long run.

Many companies are exploring more software tools for success in this ever-evolving technological landscape. In this context, the good old debate of CRM vs Excel still seems to spark the interest of many. Let’s see which side statistics pick up. As per a survey report, 74% of businesses admit that they have better access to customer data by using CRM software.

Things are quite clear, isn’t it? But why is a CRM better than Excel? Let’s check it out.

CRM vs Excel: An Introduction

As we all know, customer data is a crucial component of business success. However, many companies believe that they can manage all their customer data with an Excel sheet. Yes, it might be good as long as you have a few hundred entries. But as your business grows, things start taking a turn.

That is when you need CRM software for better management. It helps you store heavy customer data on a single platform and gain more insight into customer behavior to modify operations accordingly. Let’s have a closer look at why do you need to switch from Excel to database.

5 Reasons Why CRM is Better than Excel Sheet

So, why is a CRM better than Excel? Here’s why your company needs a CRM system:

  1. Data Management

    A CRM is an all-in-one platform that stores all the data of a business, from marketing to operations. You can store any kind of data without restrictions since most CRM software has unlimited storage. So, with a proper CRM system, your team members can access any data without any delays.

    However, in the case of Excel, things are quite complicated. Your professionals need to waste time gathering data from multiple sources like emails, call records, meeting minutes, and so on.

  2. Data Security

    One of the main reasons why many choose CRM for small businesses is data security. If you use Excel, data is stored locally on your device without any backups. So, there is a high risk of loss of data due to any error in the system.

    CRM software ensures the safety of your data with a dedicated cloud platform. You also have the option to backup this data to Google Drive, and so on. So, any disruption in your device does not affect the data. Your data is safe and secured.

  3. Better Collaboration

    An Excel sheet could be just used for data storage and might not have added benefits like collaboration. In fact, Excel sheets often create a lot of confusion. Every time there is an update of data, you need to search for the new file.

    CRM solves this issue. Everyone can view and update the data without the need for individual sharing. This way, you can save a lot of time and effort.

  4. Integration and Automation

    One of the main points to be mentioned in the CRM vs Excel online debate is integration. Excel is a mere data storage document and does not offer anything beyond that. But CRM software takes a step ahead with many integration features.

    You can connect a CRM with many useful applications like Gmail, Facebook, and so on. This feature helps you automate many daily workflows so that your team members can focus on more important tasks. Some software even offers you an open-source code for customization. Through modification of the source code, you can customize the CRM as per your needs and preferences.

  5. Improve Lead Management

    An Excel sheet allows you to just enter information into the cells. It is difficult even to add a description or summary. But, with a CRM, you can organize data in a better manner, along with long notes. You can tag them, categorize them, and easily retrieve information. This is one of the main reasons why your company needs a CRM system to grow.

Why does your company need a CRM system to grow?

The Excel VS CRM debate will continue for a long time. But the truth is that the Customеr Relationship Management (CRM) system is not just a luxury but a crucial necessity for businesses aspiring to grow. It acts as the hub for managing interactions with customers, providing a wide range of benefits.

A CRM for small businesses brings order to the chaos of customer data. A well-organized approach could be really helpful in attracting more customers and giving more value to the existing customers.

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Final Words

In conclusion, even though Excel is a good place to start, you may require a proper CRM for small businesses after a point of growth. The faster you make that strategic movie, the better it will be.

Onstro is a multi-functional software platform that could help you get started with that transition. It is a hassle-free tool that lets you manage all customer data on a single, unified platform with an easy learning curve.

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