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How To Drive Webinar Attendance Through Email Marketing?

Govind Panicker on May 17, 2024 in Campaign Management

Key Highlights

  • Webinar email marketing campaigns bring in almost 57% of registrations.
  • You must have a targeted mailing list, a catchy subject line, and a compelling CTA for webinar email marketing.
  • Onstro Marketing is a business software that can help you create effective webinar email marketing campaigns.

Nowadays, webinars have become a popular lead magnet for businesses. In fact, there’s a webinar for everything. Therefore, businesses are struggling to get qualified leads to conduct webinars. So, how do you drive people to webinars?

As per stats, email marketing brings in almost 57% of registrations for a webinar. Moreover, the conversion rate is 27% higher. That means webinar email marketing is the undisputed top promotional channel for bringing qualified leads. But how does email marketing drive traffic? Let’s check it out.

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5 Ways how Mail Marketing will drive attendees to your webinar

The idea of webinars is not yet outdated. Most companies are failing because they are not using the right platforms to market the webinars. Or they are not using the channels effectively. So, how do you drive people to webinars? Check out 5 ways how email marketing webinar will drive attendees:

  1. Targeted mail list

    The success of your webinar email marketing largely depends upon the mailing list you have. So, your main focus must be collecting mail from highly interested and quality leads.

    You can start with data collection from your customers and social media followers. Consider using a free resource such as an e-book or template as a lead magnet to attract people to deliver their mail addresses. The lead magnet must be something connected to the webinar topic to get qualified leads.

    Make the process of getting such resources as simple as possible. Ensure you use a clear call-to-action where the audience knows exactly what action should be taken.

  2. Catchy Subject Line

    Nowadays, the mail inboxes of an average man are bombarded with loads of spam and promotional messages. So, people tend to be very picky when opening mail. That’s why you need to create a subject line that hooks the reader to open the webinar email.

    You need something special in the subject line to catch their attention and make them open the email. Moreover, there is a text below the subject line called pre-header or preview text. Make it compelling enough to persuade the customer to open the mail.

    Craft a clear and specific subject line that directly communicates the value of your webinar to your customers. Try to add a personalized touch. Last but not least, test different variations of the subject line among the target audience using A/B testing.

  3. Welcoming Mail

    One of the most important steps for webinar email marketing is crafting a perfectly personalized mail inviting customers to join the webinar. First, you need to collect data about the target audience to grasp their interests and preferences.

    But how do you encourage people to attend a webinar through the mail? The best way to do that is to showcase your website’s unique selling propositions (USPs). For instance, if your webinar is hosted by a registered consultant, highlight that in the mail to drive people to your webinar.

    It is better to adapt a tone of persuasion for the mail copy. But don’t lose your authenticity in that.

  4. Attractive Mail Template

    Let’s face it. No one likes to read nowadays. Everyone wants to skim and scan through the line breakers, enjoying the images. You must try to create such an intuitive experience for the customers.

    That means attractive visuals and images that catch viewers’ attention are a crucial aspect of your webinar email. You can choose an attractive template from the mail marketing software to make the mail more eye-catching.

    Always keep your target audience in mind. It’s better to use light colors if your target audience is older. Use headings, sub-headings, and bullet points to make the message more easy-to-consume.

  5. Compelling Call-to-action

    A strong call-to-action statement is the key factor of your webinar email marketing. Keep it as simple and clear as possible.

    Apart from such basics, your main aim must be to create a sense of urgency through the call-to-action statement. Try offering limited-time discounts or offers to encourage people to take quick action. Use words highlighting the urgency, like “only a few seats left”. Giving a red color to the call-to-action button further emphasizes the importance of urgency.

Final Words

Webinars are indeed a goldmine for every business. However, if not in the right manner, it might end up losing money. Well, we can save from that.

Onstro Marketing is a business software that can help you create effective webinar email marketing campaigns. You can plan your campaigns in advance and optimize them to the best time to boost conversions. The software allows you to use the data of previous marketing campaigns to improve your next ones. Contact us!

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