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5 Strong Reasons To Choose MOCHA Project Management

Team Onstro on April 17, 2024 in Project Management

Key Highlights

  • MOCHA framework is an approach that focuses on understanding the roles of all stakeholders involved in a project.
  • You can improve communications, solve problems, and improve project success rate through MOCHA.
  • Onstro is an easy-to-use MOCHA management tool to help you manage multiple projects easily from a single platform.

70% of all projects fail. Do you know why? Just due to poor project management. If this sounds like you, then it’s time to try the MOCHA project management method.

Due to its stable results, the MOCHA framework has recently gained more popularity in the corporate sector. It is a helpful project management structure that could change how you execute a project. Now, let’s check out what is a MOCHA in project management, why you need this approach, and how to execute it.

What is MOCHA project management?

MOCHA framework is a project management approach that focuses on understanding the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders involved in a project- Manager, Owner, Consultant, Helper, and Approver (MOCHA). It helps to avoid confusion and conflicts in the team as everyone knows what is expected of him or her.

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5 Strong Reasons to Use MOCHA Project Management Method

One thing that keeps the MOCHA model apart from other project management methodologies is its ability to adapt to different projects. It’s specifically valuable for complex projects where the efforts of many stakeholders are involved. Now, let’s check out other reasons for opting for the MOCHA decision-making method.

  1. Build Stronger Communication

    A clear communication channel is a basic necessity in project management. And the worst challenge to that is confusion about job roles. Most team members ask themselves this question at some part of a project: Am I the one to do this task? Such confusions often lead to miscommunication.

    MOCHA project management gives a solid answer to that by clearly defining the roles and responsibilities of each stakeholder. By providing a structure, MOCHA facilitates strong and more natural communication within the team, leaving no room for uncertainties.

  2. Risk Mitigation

    Another reason to use the MOCHA framework is that it helps identify potential risks in a project. The main focus of the methodology itself is to have a bigger picture of the stakeholders at the first step. This helps the project manager to identify the major problems associated with them and set contingency plans to face them. This adaptability is crucial in projects where market changes and emerging opportunities require quick adjustments to project plans.

  3. Better Problem solving

    Conflicts and internal problems are quite common productivity headaches in a project. MOCHA management solves this problem by ensuring clarity among the team. It ensures that every team member understands what he must do at each stage of the project.

  4. Increase Success Rate

    It is widely recognized that projects with MOCHA management are more likely to succeed than other methodologies. You might wonder why it has a higher success rate than traditional methods. Well, the reason is simple.

    When team members spend less time on conflicts, and more time on effective communication, the result is project success. No wonder why more and more companies prefer MOCHA management itself. You can ensure the team is on the right track at each stage by setting up a solid framework like MOCHA.

  5. Ensure Accountability

    MOCHA management centers instill accountability for each team member. How? Well, if team members know what they are expected to do, their accountability rises. They are more likely to finish their tasks within the deadline. This helps managers to ensure that resources are utilized effectively.

How to Implement MOCHA?

Do you want to start with the MOCHA project management method for your business? Here are some tips for implementation:

  • Ensure that every team member understands what is expected from them.
  • Use MOCHA management tools like Onstro throughout the execution to ensure you are on the right track.
  • Facilitate two-way communication through regular meetings.
  • Keep an eye on project activities throughout the cycle.

Final Words

Moving your project management methodology to MOCHA could be a smart move. However, such a drastic transition may be challenging to implement and requires due care. That’s where you require software like Onstro Projects.

Onstro Projects is an easy-to-use software to help you manage multiple projects easily from a single platform, at the same time. You can check the task status and set alerts for due dates to ensure all activities are completed on time. Contact us now for all-in-one software.

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